We are a regional partner in northern part of Latvia for logistic company that is well-positioned in the world’s growth markets. Main focus of ITA LTD operations  is on logistics as the core business.

Our people possess  a know-how, expertise and talent. We are working diligently to grow and motivate our people. We are happy and produd to have collegues that are with us already for many years.

We are operating a handling facility in city Valmiera from where we distribute the shipments acros the region. The distribution is managed by a cargo transport fleet which can deal with large and small size deliveries.

We take very seriously  what we do as any shipment placed in our trust may include life-saving medicines, or it may hold a priceless prototype and therefore a company’s entire existence. Or perhaps it’s a one-of-a-kind birthday gift for that loved one far away.

individual attitude

high quality

fast & safe delivery